A language is a window to the world.


A language and the culture it represents are a unique expression of the outer and inner experiences of the human race.


A language is a world view, a diverse world view. There is a unity in this diversity. To experience the diversity and discover the underlying unity, study of languages and cultures is of paramount importance.


To understanding the other, we must wear each other's shoes.

When we teach a language,  we teach it together with the culture attached to it.

In our own little way, Merrimack Language School promotes international understanding and appreciation of different identities of the one single human race. A small contribution and service to the human race!


The ultimate goal of the human race is to overcome the age-old barriers and become ONE.


We are like a bed of flowers with different colors and fragrances.


Let's come together and experience the wonder and joy in learning other languages and cultures.

We are in Lowell, Massachusetts, a city known for its linguistic and cultural diversity. All-America City (1971, 1999).

There is a lot to see and a lot to do in Lowell!