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We're currently registering for October-November 6-week session.

Merrimack Language School offers Englishforeign language and test preparation programs in a classroom setting and also via the Internet. Study one-to-one or in a group, in our school or offsite. Start as a beginner,  intermediate or an advanced student.

In a classroom setting, you can benefit from focused, small classes of up to 5 students. Instruction is provided in private and semi-private (1 to 2 students) and group (3 to 5 students) settings.  Programs are Intensive (immersion), part-time, or one-to-one.  

We offer the following English language courses from beginner to advanced levels in sessions/on revolving basis throughout the year:


Merrimack Language School offers TOEFL, IELTS, SAT preparation classes, and translation and interpreting services as well.

Language instruction and cultural orientation programs for corporate staff and executives are also available. 

We offer the following foreign language classes throughout the year in 6-week sessions:


Instruction of other languages is arranged on demand. 

Instructors are native speakers of the language they teach, coupled with years of teaching experience. With a communicative, integrated approach, teaching at all levels is structured with measurable results.