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Merrimack Language School offers classes in most major foreign languages.  If the language you would like to study is not in the menu, please send us a message by submitting the form at the end of this page or call us at 978-703-1020. We will arrange instruction in the language of your choice. 


We offer foreign language programs throughout the year in six sessions. Each session is 6 weeks long. For each language we offer six levels and beyond, from beginner to advanced and more in a variety of formats from private lessons (one-to-one) to group lessons. Prices vary based on the course’s length and size. 


Group and individual Immersion programs are also available.

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Hosokawa, a.

Hosokawa, A. is a dedicated and experienced  teacher of Japanese, her native language. Besides teaching, she has provided translation and interpreting services for many companies for their meetings and conferences.  With BA in Foreign Studies in Education/International Relations Ms Hosokawa has excellent communication skills. Her pleasant personality creates a lively atmosphere to the classroom.

Japanese Language Classes | 6-week progressive programs
Japanese classes meet once per week for a 2.5-hour lesson.  At each level, the program length is 6 weeks.  We offer levels 1 to 6 and beyond. 
HIGHLIGHTS -- Experienced and qualified teachers, structured teaching, communicative approach, and measurable results.

TEXTBOOK: Japanese for Busy People: Kana Version, third edition (Kodansha International). The textbook is not included in the price. 

Japanese For Busy People is a course for students who want to learn spoken Japanese as effectively as possible in a limited amount of time. Prepared by a group of experienced Japanese language instructors and continually revised and tested, the textbook follows a unit structure that groups thematically linked lessons together, making it easier to learn Japanese. It is available in two formats: romanized and kana. The Romanized Version uses romanized Japanese throughout, with kana in the opening dialogues of each lesson.
We cover 21 lessons of Vol I and 13 lessons of Vol II in our Levels 1 to 6.
Level 1 covers lessons 1 - 5 of Japanese for Busy People, Volume I, Edition 3.
Level 2 covers lessons 6 - 11 of Japanese for Busy People, Volume I, Edition 3.
Level 3 covers lessons 12 - 21 of Japanese for Busy People, Volume I, Edition 3.
Level 4 covers lessons 22- 25 of Japanese for Busy People, Volume I, Edition 3 and lessons 1 - 3 of Japanese for Busy people, Volume II, Edition 3.
Level 5 covers lessons 4- 9 of Japanese for Busy people, Volume II, Edition 3.
Level 6 covers lessons 10 - 15 of Japanese for Busy people, Volume II, Edition 3. 
There are many textbooks available for Japanese. Teachers do not rely on a single textbook in their lesson plans. Lesson plans are created according to the needs of the classroom, teacher’s experience and the adaptability skills in view of the classroom's changing needs. Lesson plans can be independent of the prescribed textbook, but using a textbook yields the best results for beginner and intermediate students. It’s advisable, though not compulsory, to buy the prescribed textbook(s). Textbooks provide explanatory information that may be useful for a questioning adult student and for homework.
      • March-April Session  ( begins week of March 6, ends week of April 14)

      • Registration deadline:  February 13

      • Other sessions

SCHEDULE: Wednesdays, 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm (Other days available upon request)

Minimum class requirement: 3 students.

PRICE: $300

Many language schools use terms like Japanese Language Programs, Japanese Programs, Japanese Language Courses, Japanese Courses, Japanese Language Lessons, Japanese Lessons, Learn Japanese, Japanese Language and Culture, etc.  Names do not matter. What matters is the knowledge, experience, lesson planning and adaptability skills of a teacher.

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