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Document translation

Documents, legal, medical or technical are translated by experienced translators, reviewed for accuracy by a second linguist. The translators we use are not just native speakers of the target language, they are experienced professional translators. Word documents are overwritten so the original formatting is retained. For other formats, translation is put in the original design files.

Websites, multi-media 

Website translation is a localization project and our expert translators make sure the language and cultural issues are taken care of.  We translate blogs, work on SEO of multilingual websites.

Additional services: translation of multimedia, voice over talent, recording, subtitles, etc.

Conference interpreting equipment

Book simultaneous interpreters  and conference equipment including interpreter booths, interpreter consoles, wireless transmitters, receivers and headphones. Serving small to large events in the Boston area. 


Technicians stay at the events for troubleshooting.

Certified translations

We provide certified, notarized translations of personal documents for immigration, educational institutions, insurance, DMV and other government and non-government agencies. 

Equivalency services for educational transcripts are also available.

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