Merrimack Language School offers a variety of English language programs and classes at all levels, from beginner to advanced, and in a variety of formats from private tutoring to group lessons. Prices vary based on the course’s length and size. 


Business English (ESP) Course is for advanced students of English who need effective communication skills to excel in the business world. 

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Business English (ESP) Course| Advanced (+)
An effective business communicator acquires both verbal language proficiency and personal and interpersonal skills. This English for Special Purposes course addresses occupational language requirements such as effective communication, written as well as spoken, among professionals within (intra) a company or between (inter) companies. Apart from the four traditional skills, the course focuses on specific vocabulary development and presenting. Students work on preparing and delivering presentations for meetings and business events.
Senior executives might take the course in one-to-one format.
PROGRAM: English for Special Purposes - Business English
SCHEDULE: This class meets 4 hours per week for 6 weeks.  
PRICE PER 6 WEEKS: $500. (Class requirement: 3 students)